Bellerophontes and Pegasus

Artist: Oliver Russell

Title: Bellerophontes and Pegasus

Year: 2021

Description by artist: ‘Though there are multiple known tales of how Bellerophontes tamed Pegasus, I prefer the one where upon seeing the bridle gifted unto Bellerophontes by Athena, Pegasus willingly knelt before him. Together the pair went on to slay the fearsome fire-breathing Chimera. In his arrogance, Bellerophontes deemed himself worthy of a place amongst the gods on Mt Olympus. Infuriated by this presumptuous decision Zeus sent a gadfly to sting Pegasus, consequentially flinging Bellerophontes back down to earth. It is told that in an act of sympathy Athena spared Bellerophontes from the fall, leaving him a cripple. Devastated and crippled Bellerophontes tragically spent the rest of his days searching for Pegasus, who lived forevermore on Mt Olympus in great loyalty to Zeus.’ 

Image Credits:

Oliver Russell. Bellerophontes and Pegasus. 2021. Permission granted by artist to display. 

1 thought on “Bellerophontes and Pegasus”

  1. Wow, that is a really interesting story and brought to life by a picture. I like how the red really stands out.


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