Bellerophontes and Pegasus

Artist: Oliver Russell Title: Bellerophontes and Pegasus Year: 2021 Description by artist: 'Though there are multiple known tales of how Bellerophontes tamed Pegasus, I prefer the one where upon seeing the bridle gifted unto Bellerophontes by Athena, Pegasus willingly knelt before him. Together the pair went on to slay the fearsome fire-breathing Chimera. In his… Continue reading Bellerophontes and Pegasus

Apollo and Hyacinthus

Artist: Zoe Keeghan Titles: Apollo and Hyacinthus Date: 9 August, 2021 Description: According to ancient Greek myth, Hyacinthus was the mortal prince of Sparta. He was beautiful, and many gods and men tried to suit him, including Zephyrus, god of the west wind. But Hyacinthus chose Apollo, god of the sun, music and healing, over them all.… Continue reading Apollo and Hyacinthus