Apollo and Hyacinthus

Artist: Zoe Keeghan Titles: Apollo and Hyacinthus Date: 9 August, 2021 Description: According to ancient Greek myth, Hyacinthus was the mortal prince of Sparta. He was beautiful, and many gods and men tried to suit him, including Zephyrus, god of the west wind. But Hyacinthus chose Apollo, god of the sun, music and healing, over them all.… Continue reading Apollo and Hyacinthus


Artist: Zoe Keeghan Title: Artemis Date: 2nd August, 2021 Description: Artemis was the ancient Greek goddess of the moon, forests and the hunt. Like all the gods of ancient Greece, she could be jealous and quick to anger, and her wrath could have terrifying consequences. But as powerful as her wrath was, it was equally… Continue reading Artemis

Reinterpretations, Augustus Prima Porta

Artist: Alice Wallis Title: Reinterpretations, Augustus Prima Porta Year: 2020 Description by Artist: "These new interpretations of old works are centred around a changing academic climate and looking at history from new angles." This is the third of a set of three by Alice Wallis exploring new interpretations of historic material. Image Credits: Alice Wallis. Reinterpretations,… Continue reading Reinterpretations, Augustus Prima Porta