The Chariot Team


Lauren Song
Lauren is a third-year student majoring in History and Economics. A Tudor England fanatic since years before SIX the Musical opened on West End, she spends her spare time expanding her Tudor memorabilia collection and planning unaffordable trips to the UK. She also enjoys reading about ancient cultures, particularly Greece and China.

Daisy Norfolk
Daisy is currently studying a major in Ancient World Studies. She spends her time arguing with friends and family about how learning hieroglyphs is not a waste of time and is a totally employable skill. Her main areas of interest are ancient Egyptian religion and culture, portrayals of gender in the ancient world, and Classical reception studies. She is also very enthusiastic about archaeology and contemporary political issues.


Charlotte Allan
Charlotte is studying a double major in English & Theatre Studies and Ancient World Studies. Her favourite areas of history include Ancient Greek literature, Ancient Egyptian mortuary practices and WWI. She also enjoys Shakespearean literature and has a passion for singing and playing the guitar.

Vita Banducci
Vita is studying Bachelor of Arts majoring in History and Philosophy with Honours in Philosophy. Her main areas of historical interest are the late Roman Republic, Viking sagas and almost anything from the Middle Ages. She also likes to read tarot cards. 

Yiwei Deng
Yiwei is studying a major in Economics and a minor in History. Her interests lie in the economic and political history of modern China, as well as the Cold War in Southeast Asia. She also loves reading around debates on judicial activism, collecting antique books and practising Pilates. 

Zack Goutzoulas
Zack is a Ancient World Studies and Media and Communications major. He is interested in exploring various cultures’ mythologies and examining what they show about the people that create them. He is also very passionate about entertainment journalism, writing about everything from books, to television, to video games.

Greta Kantor
Greta is majoring in History and Philosophy with a concurrent Diploma in French. Her main areas of interest are womanhood and witchcraft in Early Modern Europe and the deep and recent histories of Indigenous Australia. Greta was very proud to make the top 0.5% of David Bowie listeners on Spotify last year and hopes to achieve 0.1% status in 2021.

Jacey Quah
Jacey is a third-year history major. She is interested in the social experiences of different ethnic groups in contemporary Malaysia and China, ancient Chinese art and culture, and the political revolutions of Southeast Asia. She is fascinated with collective memory in historiography, and loves weaving historical narratives into her creative writing. 

Sunnie Habgood
Sunnie is studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History and Ancient World Studies. Her main areas of interest are the influence of Islam on 11th-12th century Europe, the Empress Matilda and Ancient Greek cults/mythology. Her other interests include comic books and feminist issues. 

Elina Pugacheva
Elina is an Arts student majoring in History and English & Theatre Studies with a concurrent Diploma in Italian. Her main areas of historical interest are the Soviet Union and contemporary Russia. She also loves reading, watching television and playing the piano.

Avalon Welch
Avalon is a final-year student with a major in History. Her main areas of interest are contemporary Irish history (1850s-1990s) and 19th century American expansionism and nation-building. She is passionate about dance, musical theatre, and education politics.