The Chariot Team

Introducing the 2022 Chariot Team…


Charlotte Allan


Charlotte is studying her BA Honours in English & Theatre Studies. Her favourite areas of history include The Hellenistic period, feminism throughout the Ancient World, and WW2. She is specialising in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet for her Honours thesis.

Maija Drezins


Maija is a BA Honours student, specialising in Ancient World Studies. Her main focus is on Ancient mythologies, and enjoys literature, crochet, and music.

Julia Richards


Julia is studying her BA Honours in English & Theatre Studies. Her primary areas of interest include The Early Modern and Regency era, and WW2. She’s writing her thesis on the importance of dance and gender within Jane Austen’s novels. Her hobbies include dancing, listening to music and watching historical dramas.

Sunnie Habgood

operations Director

Sunnie is studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History and Ancient World Studies. Her main areas of interest are the influence of Islam on 11th-12th century Europe, the Empress Matilda, and Ancient Greek cults/mythology. Her other interests include comic books and feminist issues.


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