Catherine of England, Scotland & Ireland

Artist: Khanh Anh Dao

Title: Catherine of England, Scotland & Ireland

Year: 2021

Description: It’s said that Catherine of Braganza – Queen of England, Scotland, was the one who has made tea become so popular to the Britain society. While tea had been a popular beverage to the Portuguese aristocracy for years, the UK still only used tea as a medicine. So when she left Portugal to marry King Charles II, she brought along her casket of tea. Her routine of drinking tea had influenced the British’s high society to see tea as no longer a medicine, but rather an association with the elite. By the end of 17th century, the British aristocracy started to embrace the tea cultures into their daily routine and the rest are history.

Image Credits:

Khanh Anh Dao. Catherine of England, Scotland & Ireland. 2021. Permission granted by artist to display. 

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